As you might know there is a lot of work on Curaçao in technical environments. You can make a good your career and that can start here at SMTC.


All our clients are trying to select the best trainees and interns for their company. They will look at your study results, test you on technical knowledge or personality and have an interview to check your motivation and attitude.
Make sure people remind you on a positive way to increase your changes.

As SMTC we do not know the whole market in Curaçao. We are specialised and try to use this as a strength to combine and work together. The sectors where our clients work in are maritime, metallurgical, (petrochemical)

Student at training school 2 small

Learning and traineeship

You maybe do not yet know what you want to do for work or your feel you are not ready to go to work fulltime. You can choose for BOL. The focus will be on the theoretical part. A traineeship helps you to get more insight in practice.

Work and learn

You are ready to go to work. You are motivated and ready to show a company what you can. Next to the practice at the company you still get some theoretical knowledge to become a better trainee and employee in the future.

For technical students as well as non-technical students internships can be a possibility. It can be the case that one of our clients needs assistance in their office management, communication department or HR department.

Although we are an organization with our roots on Curacao our website is in English. The English language connects you to the captain on a ship from Russia, the service engineer from Venezuela and a client from Asia…
If you meet our team you will see that we can help you in Papiamentu, Dutch, Spanish and English!