Learning by moving forward – your career in a technical environment.

To keep our maritime sector and industry running there is a continuously demand for development. We need new ambassadors for the future, keep our technical skills up-to-date and work on personal development. You can be part of this movement via SMTC!

As a student

by doing a traineeship or having an internship.

We are looking for trainees and interns from all kinds of disciplines and study levels. We are eager to show you all options and the potential for your career.

As a professional

by being trained in your specialism or your skill set
If your organization is a partner of SMTC we can work together in training & education. Please first discuss options within your own organization. We only take requests from our point of contacts within our partner-organizations (HR). Go to Professional

working together

Getting things done by working together

As an intermediary in training solutions SMTC helps their partners to fulfill their training needs. We select, recruit and train young people, and also make sure the professionals keep moving forward in their technical and personal development.

Training itself should never be the solution. Training is a tool in letting people move forward. Training makes people grow and develop and that’s what is important.
So let’s move Curaçao forward! Moving forward by working together, looking for shared interests and getting ready for the future!

The focus of SMTC is based around having enough skilled technical specialists on Curaçao. We do this in the maritime and metallurgical sector. While we believe in working together and share knowledge we also work in the industry and logistics sector on Curaçao.

In our network we have the training institutes and instructors to make sure technical and soft skills can be mastered.